Impro liga
Project type — Visual Identity
Client — improvisation theatre Impro liga
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Project description
Slovenian championship of theatrical improvisation, Impro
, is held in KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana. It was first
established in 1993, in the year 2005 Impro liga evolved
into today's well known format.
      The new visual identity is based on improvisational
characteristics of the show, and on the most basic element
of the performance — the discipline. The logo represents
a silhouette (stage lighting) of an actor on a stage in which
the letter "i" appears. As a secondary graphic element
we developed pictograms which represent the disciplines,
and for some of them, we also produced photos which
contain visual movement. Promotional posters educate
the public about improvisational theatre — each poster
contains a description of the presented discipline. The
visual identity articulates all aspects of improvisational
theatre — the player, the improvisation & the discipline.
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