Project type — Visual identity
Client — Fabulas komunikacije d.o.o.
Front and back side of the business card
Project description
Fabulas communication is a company which works in
the area of content development and editorial consulting.
Their work is based on symbiosis. Symbiosis of content,
between the client and the content writer or editor and
between all of the participants on a specific project.
They say that they give meaning to stories.
      Our collaboration included the development of
main visual communication element (logotype), basic
stationary set and some promotional materials. The
developed elements and materials follow the way Fabulas
by symbolizing their field of work. Custom
designed logotype includes characteristics of hand drawn
lettering. Linking letters that form the name of the
company interprets the desired nouns - story and
symbiosis. Basic corporate stationary elements expand
the main story while the choice for bookmark and sticker
as promotional materials further upgrades it.
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