Project type — Visual identity
Client — Kino Šiška
The logotype and background combination forms a visually noisy impression
Designed elements
Outsourced authors
Luka Debevec, programming
Project description
Špil liga is a series of concert performances of
secondary school music groups and individuals,
which takes place once a month in Kino Šiška.
      The visual feel of the project is based on the logo.
The logos shape and message are designed in a way
that effectively articulates the content of the events.
It is complemented by an abstract background which
ads contrast to its clean and sharp shape. Together
they form an interesting and visually noisy form that
attracts attention and expresses youthful energy. For
the purpose of communicating the events we designed
a poster and a one-pager website. The poster attracts
attention on the street and directs potential competitors
to the website, which further explains the project and
gives possibility of participation.
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