Project type — Visual identity
Client — Regional Development Agency of the ...
Logo with logotype, which hierarchically defines RRA LUR in relation to RCKE
Project description
Visual identity proposal for the Regional Development
Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region
and the Regional
Center of Creative Economy
. Tender documents requested
conceptual solutions of the logo/logotype, basic stationary
elements and some promotional materials.
      The proposed solution is based on the integration
of institutions, their hierarchical relationship, and their
differences. To develop the logo we used extreme
geographical points of the region (N, S, E, W), which we
interconnected and extruded into a 3D object. We added
unique style and color to the logos to adapt them to the
specifics of each institution. Thus RCKE, because of the
specifics of creative work, differs from RRA LUR by angle
roundness and the use of warm color tones. The logos
are joined into a system with a wire-mesh object which
articulates networking, integration, and structural
interconnection. Cutouts of the RRA LUR and RCKE logos
are used as visual identifiers for the materials. With their
visual strength they quickly and efficiently identify the
institutions and at the same time articulate their
hierarchical relationship.
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