Nova Gorica
Project type — Visual identity
Client — Nova Gorica Tourist Information Cen ...
The logo is comprised of three intertwined surfaces which draw the letter N
Designed elements
Project description
Visual identity proposal for the Nova Gorica Tourist
Information Center
contest. Tender documents requested
conceptual solutions of the logo / logotype, the basic
elements of visual identity and slogan for the area of the
Municipality of Nova Gorica with the purpose of promotion.
      The proposed solution takes into account the fact that
the tourist area in a wider area of the town of Nova Gorica.
The area is renowned for it's cuisine, cultural heritage and
historic struggle for territory and belonging. These features
form a unified, interrelated and indivisible whole.
The symbol for this purpose consists of three intertwined
surfaces that draw the letter N. By mixing the three basic
colors a wider color impression, which interprets the
diversity of the area, is created. Texture is the secondary
visual element, which is combined with b&w photographs.
      The solution was evaluated as the best proposal of all,
yet it was not used.
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