Nativo vrtec
Project type — Visual Identity
Client — Nativo d.o.o.
The logo of Nativo vrtec in based on the design principles of Nativo language and cultural center
Designed elements
Outsourced authors
Tanja Semion, illsutration
Project description
Nativo vrtec (Nativo kindergarten) is besides Nativo JKC
(Nativo language and cultural center) one of the activities
of Nativo d.o.o., which intertwines the study of foreign
languages and cultural characteristics of geographical
regions which use them. Nativo kindergarten in it's
educational base offers children a friendly, relaxing
environment in which the daily schedule is supplemented
with exploration of South American culture and language.
Besides the teacher there is always a native speaker
present, which expands the daily program with interesting
information about South American cultures.
      We developed a visual identity which is based on the
principles of the Nativo JKC visual identity. We added a bit
more playfulness and relaxation, to create a child-friendly
and relaxing environment. Graphic identity includes
painted playrooms and layout of the garden.
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