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Master, a revided typeface from the mid 20th century - MyFonts
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Master is a typeface inspired by the subscript
"Gospodar svetá" (Master of the World), included on the
front page of a novel in several parts, The Count of Monte
(mid 20th century). Typeface characters show
design guidelines of the pre-war era (2nd world war).
The idea of development origins from a wish to evolve
traditional forms of typefaces which were used in
Slovenia. On the basis of the example we developed
uppercase, arabic numbers and a basic character set.
      This typeface was first published in the Newspaper
of Slovenian Museums ARGO ([53/1], 2010). Authors of
the newspaper are Žiga Testen and Ajdin Bašić. For the
work on the project, they were awarded 1st prize in the
category Magazines and newspapers, at the 4th Biennial
of Slovene Visual Communications
(Brumen Fundation)
in the year 2009.

The typeface can be purchased at MyFonts


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