Kranj City Library
Project type — Visual Identity
Client — Central Library of Kranj
The library's logo is based on a combination of elements from the paragraph (¶) and at sign (@)
Project description
Proposal for a design competition of a new visual
identity of the Kranj City Library. The objective was
a clear interpretation of modern and informational
approach combining diverse cultural and social events
within the program and inter-generational dialogue.
     The logo with logotype forms a new conceptual
message — "a new paragraph at the Kranj city library",
and referes to a new era into which the library is steping.
In addition to the logo with logotype we also designed
a series of pictograms. Those are written in the simple
mathematical formula which provides additional
information about the new philosophy of the library
and are a good basis for the development of a wayfinding
sistem within the library.
     Our proposal placed, according to the jury, second. Proposal was not selected.
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