The Image of The Book
Project type — Exhibition catalogue
Client — Academy of Fine Arts and Design
Printed sides of the book
Designed elements
Outsourced authors
professor Radovan Jenko, art director
Tanja Semion, co-designer
Project description
At the 5th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications
this project received the Brumen award for best work
in the category catalogues & monographs
for the period
2009—2011. It was also exhibited at the international
triennial of visual communications ZGRAF 11
in Zagreb, Croatia.
     The Image of the Book (Podoba Knjige) was an
exhibition of visual communication students at the
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia
The exhibition was developed as part of the Ljubljana
World Book Capital 2010
project. The main objective
of the exhibition was to present student books to wider
and professional, local and international audiences with
the aim of achieving a new level of visual culture in this segment of the Slovenian graphic design profession.
A major part of the project was this catalogue/book,
which features all of the exhibited work in a innovative 
way, with the same objective as the exhibition. It achieves this with the use of different techniques  of design and
print, binding and so on.
      Grafikarna played only a certain part in the process
of developing this project.
      This project was financed by the Municipality of
and Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana.
      Our work was done "pro bono".

The digital edition can be flipped through at Issuu


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