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Logotypes Enooki, Society of Photo-reporters of Slovenia & E10 (charity auction of year 2010)
Project description
Enooki, Society of Photo-reporters of Slovenia, is a charity
organization, which with each year's auction of donated
photos, tries to help day to day life of blind and visually
impaired people.
      Development of the approach to organizing the auction
included renovation of the pre-existing visual identity as
well as promotional elements, exhibition and the auction
itself. Redesign required development of a noticeable
identity, based on a pre-designed catalogue of the
exhibition (author Ranko Novak), and as much as possible,
financial savings regarding printed materials. To visit the
final event (auction), the public was invited with personal
invitations and a series of newspaper ads, which
articulated visual perception of people with visual
impairment. Many well known Slovenians attended the
auction. From high political figures (President of the
Republic and Government and mayor of Ljubljana)
to media celebrities. The efficiency of our work was
proven by significant increase of the auctions profits.
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