Project type — Visual identity
Client — Eurora d.o.o.
Logo with logotype – the logo illustrates the brands name
Project description
Bananaway is a team of individuals who organise
and manage courses, events and trips with kiteboarding,
suping and slackline walking.
      The visual identity is based on the logo with logotype.
The logo visualises the content of the brands name with
the introduction of direction and movement into the
shape of a banana. The logos feel is very active, which
allows adequate visualisation of the brands message.
In addition to the logo with logotype we created a
business card, T-shirts, and visual design of a website
with a web-store which allows visitors to get information
about the brand, register for a course, event or trip, or
purchase equipment for the fields of kiteboarding, suping
or slackline walking.
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