Project type — Visual Identity
Client — Peter Pogačnik - Arhitekt
Logo with logotype that includes an organic texture
Project description
Arhiplus works in the field of architectural design and planning. The brand is defined by its personal approach and comprehensive customer support through the
whole project. Arhiplus leaves open the possibility
of extending their area of expertise to the field of
design and manufacture of unique wooden joinery.
      Our collaboration included the development
of a main visual communication element (logo with
logotype), basic stationary set, visual equipment
of architectural folder and pictograms. The main
visual element illustrates the name of the brand.
Form is mitigated by organic texture that indicates
a personal approach and extended activities in the
field of unique wooden products. The lettering in the logotype was drawn specially for this project. Communication values included in the main
visual element were also applied to other materials.
In addition to business cards and letter documents,
a multifunctional label that can be applied to various materials (envelopes, folders …) was also designed.
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